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Are you happy with your lashes? If you're like many of us, your lashes may never seem to look full and thick, no matter what mascara you apply. Often, the problem with the look of your eyelashes has nothing to do with the cosmetics that you apply and everything to do with the health of the tiny hairs along your lash line. Just as the hairs on your head can become dry and damaged, your eyelashes can suffer from the effects of sunlight and impurities in the environment as well as from harsh chemicals in makeup.

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The LashFood cosmetics collection nourishes eyelashes that are starved for moisture and vital nutrients. The range includes both treatment products and mascaras that strengthen and thicken the lashes, leaving them healthier and fuller. In clinical trials, 100 percent of users reported improvements in the length and density of their lashes after using LashFood products. The collection also includes formulas to improve the look of the eyebrows and can help them recover from over-plucking or waxing. Discover the benefits of the clinically-proven LashFood products today!

You might wear mascara every day, but your mascara is only creating the illusion of longer, stronger, and thicker eye lashes. Every night, when you rinse away your makeup, you also lose the lustrous lashes. LashFood provides the nourishment that many cosmetic products do not provide, helping you to create longer, darker, and thicker lashes naturally. Applied easily along your lash line much like eye liner, these products can lead to visible results in as little as four to eight weeks. By the three-month mark, you will be enjoying noticeably thicker and fuller lashes for the long term. Say goodbye to those false eyelashes or overworked mascara tubes and hello to LashFood's natural solution.

Before you invest in an eyelash treatment, you want confirmation that it is going to work. LashFood's products are backed by clinical results that show just how effective they are. LashFood users' opinions were measured after 16 weeks of using the product. All users indicated that their lashes were longer and denser, while 85 percent also reported fuller lashes. Just as importantly, all users were willing to recommend the product to their friends and family. Working at the cellular level to enhance your lashes, these products are drug-free and 100 percent natural. These FDA-registered products come in several styles, whether you want to provide nourishment with an eye liner, mascara, or conditioner. Learn more about these products available at SkinStore, and decide which one is best for your needs today. Lustrous eyelashes can be just a purchase away.

The world of cosmetics is continually providing innovative formulas to help us encourage our innate beauty effortlessly and successfully so that we can look as gorgeous as possible. Through the use of such effective beauty solutions, we can create fuller, more voluminous lashes that look as healthy as they feel. The full collection of LashFood Products makes use of ingredients that have been naturally sourced so that they can avoid the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes. As a result, each of the available LashFood Products is gentle in composition and poses no danger. This quality brand offers a medley of lash and brow treatments and cosmetics designed to encourage the lashes or eyebrows to grow longer, thicker, and darker in appearance, while enhancing their vitality and vibrancy.

Developed by a team of cosmetic scientists, LashFood Products transform the lashes from weak and brittle to strong and thick in consistency. Their naturally based formulas contain plant extracts, soy proteins, and biotin - all of which have proven capabilities that produce better looking lashes and brows in just a few weeks.

If your lashes are in need of a bit of tender, loving care, you may be interested in the advanced formulas of LashFood Products. Utilizing unique ingredients and nano-peptide technology, each of these formulations delivers exceptional performance.

If you long for longer, thicker lashes, the nourishing formula of LashFood Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner - Brown is here to help. This dermatologist-tested eyeliner offers a smudge-free remedy for weakened lashes. It performs as both an eyeliner and lash enhancer at the same time, giving your lips added strength and volume at the same time. Containing an advanced formula that includes biotin, naturally derived amino acids, and a unique complex filled with natural oriental herb extracts, this conditioning eyeliner promotes healthier looking lashes that look longer and thicker. As your lashes become stronger, they break less frequently, helping to keep your lashes looking fuller throughout your day.

Offering a clinically proven remedy for frail and brittle lashes, the LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner is designed to create visible results in as little as four to eight weeks. As this conditioning formula nourishes your lashes, it delivers powerful ingredients and transforms their weakened existence, producing healthier and stronger lashes.

Creating a dramatic finish that adds volume and length to your lashes, the formula featured by the LashFood Conditioning Drama Mascara - Black performs as both a lash enhancer and a mascara. Nourishing brittle lashes and conditioning their roots in order to encourage renewed strength and health, this mascara is filled with natural ingredients, including amino acids, biotin, and an oriental herbal complex. It is smudge-free as well!

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