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Eve Lom

It started with a legendary Cleanser and Eve Lom's belief that irrespective of age, skin type or skin concern, cleansing with their original and iconic balm is fundamental to achieving a glowing complexion. They believe flawlessly clean and gently exfoliated skin provides the perfect canvas for skin care to perform, allowing them to achieve optimum results for your skin.

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With over 25 years of expertise, they utilize the highest quality ingredients in the most active formulations. Combining the best botanicals that nature has to offer with sophisticated science. Their core values lie in creating products that are: 1: TARGETED - To your skin's concerns, with effective formulas that treat skin at the deepest level. 2: INDULGENT - Luxurious formulas encourage mindful application and feel like a daily treat for skin. 3. PROVEN - Delivering visible results for your skin.

Crafting a well-balanced skincare regimen is a vital part of obtaining and maintaining beautiful skin. Whether you prefer to mix and match products or want a skincare routine designed for you, Eve Lom can and should be a part of your daily regimen. Eve Lom offers a wide range of skin care products, allowing you to design a perfectly tailored skincare program to fit your skin's needs. The brand's philosophy focuses on the importance of cleansed and exfoliated skin in maintaining a vibrant complexion. No matter what your skincare concerns might be, Eve Lom can help to rebuild and rejuvenate tired or damaged cells. Gentle exfoliation during the cleansing process helps to eliminate dead cells and build up. This process also encourages blood flow to cells, promoting cell turnover. In doing so, Eve Lom cleansers help to keep your skin firm, smooth, and radiant.

Beyond just cleansing products, Eve Lom offers a range of formulas to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. Add a specially designed serum to your skincare routine to help you to achieve your skincare goals. These serums are formulated to deliver optimal results for specific skin types. If your typical cleansing and moisturizing routine still leaves your skin lacking, consider adding a serum to your daily regimen. Likewise, Eve Lom masks offer you the ability to pamper your skin with top-quality ingredients. A mask can offer the extra nourishment your skin needs to look healthy throughout the week.

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