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RevitaLash RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner

Size 3.0ml/0.101oz
The item is in stock.
Updated 19.02.2018 12:05:26

Product code: 36698

Old price: 116.60 $

Price: 88.51 $

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Barcode: 893689001266
Size 3.0ml/0.101oz
Original name RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner

Reviews (10)

User reviews The review was written Elisa
a big WOOOW. This product does wonders. Not miracles but will help you to regrow your heavily plucked eyebrow. I still have some holes but the overall appearance it's dramatically better! Worth the money (Posted in 17.08.2017 )
User reviews The review was written jaquie rocco
Really works!!!. Use it every night and it works! (Posted in 16.07.2017 )
User reviews The review was written Karine Latieze
It works. Since I used this product I have to go for threading. It works but is very expensive. (Posted in 6.07.2017 )
User reviews The review was written Andrea Socratous
Did not help. I tried this product for 6 months and it made no visable difference (Posted in 10.02.2017 )
User reviews The review was written Afrodita
хваленое масло. мне оно абсолютно не помогло, после него стала пользоваться касторовым маслом, которое помогло намного больше, жаль таких денег.... (Posted in 23.11.2016 )
User reviews The review was written Alice IP
Amazing !. Just 2 weeks time and I can see my eyebrows fuller. I use it once every night. Very convenient and effective. (Posted in 18.10.2016 )
User reviews The review was written
Must Try. Great product after a couple of weeks have started to see new growth! Recommend this product..... (Posted in 11.06.2016 )
User reviews The review was written
IT WORKS!. This is amazing, I have never waxed my brows and they've always been very sparse especially at the beginning and the ends of the brows...I saw results within weeks and I had to go for my first brow wax after 2 months..thats how wild they got!! Unfortunately after about 3 months the product changed in smell overnight and I decided not to use it anymore - which is annoying because there was a lot of product left!! It's been a month and all my new hairs have now fallen out :( Anyway I've just bought my second one because I decided I can't live without it. (Posted in 22.09.2015 )
User reviews The review was written Dianne Bishop
It works but over time with continuous use. I have had a problem with my brows for a long time. I had lop sided brow growth, one longer than the other in the mid-section of my brows. I now have growth that I have never had before to even out my brow line (and thicker brows too). BUT you will not get results overnight. By 6 weeks I saw some results. By 3 months the hair got thicker. By 6 months the results were almost normal growth, and it continues after 8 months. I now have an even brow line after 8 months. But you have to apply it daily. I only do it once a day, twice maybe better but once a day will last you for about 3 months. If you run out you will notice your hair regrowth will stop and fall out. They are like baby hairs and fragile so if you don't apply it, it will stop growing and strengthening your brows. After 8 months of use I can say that it's not a permanent solution but your hair does get stronger with time. This product does work, and yes it is expensive, but worth it if you have patience to see the results. (Posted in 16.06.2015 )
User reviews The review was written gaylene Sutton
RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner. Awesome product,highly recommend , I have noticed a big difference in such a short time. (Posted in 13.06.2015 )


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