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DR Dennis Gross Оригинальная формула Alpha Beta Peel (для чувствительной кожи) 60 аппликаторов

Оригинальная формула Alpha Beta Peel (для чувствительной кожи) 60 аппликаторов

Size 60 Applications

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  • Developed with an exclusive two-step technology.
  • Contains easy-to-use pads for wiping on & off.
  • Offers micro-exfoliation without recovery time.
  • Helps firm skin, banish dullness, shrink pores & pacify redness.
  • Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Suppresses oil production & prevents breakouts.
  • Effectively cures problematic skin conditions like Rosacea & Acne.
  • Restores purified, refined & evenly-toned skin.
Size 60 Applications


Reviews (4)

Prema Yap 1.08.2016
Looove.. What's not to love about this DG product? Pricey but well worth the dollars and cents. I use it twice or three times a week as i also use Liquid Gold. Keep at it to see results.
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Patricia Loh 2.10.2015
Pricey but works. Love Dr Gross Alph Beta Peel. Great for skin. Gives skin a glow. Received many compliments from friends. Can't live without it.
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Ching Ing Lee 26.07.2015
Results straight away!. The first time I used this exfoliating treatment, I definitely felt an obvious difference. It really made my skin super soft, and gave ALOT of glow! I wouldn't use it daily though since the ingredients are pretty potent (but effective!) Definitely something to look into if you want to try out chemical exfoliants, lighten pigmentation or acne scarring, improve your skin's hydration, and GLOW!
Was this review helpful to you?
MORAG MCKEAND 15.06.2015
No need for beautician's peel. This 2 step peel leaves your skin so soft it negates the need to visit the beautician. a friend put me onto this product and so far it has done wonders for my skin. While the 2nd step tingles a little, the sensation only lasts for a few seconds.
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