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Zirh International

Gone are the days when a man's grooming routine consisted of a bar of soap, a razor and a can of generic-brand shaving cream , or the use of his significant other's beauty products on the sly. Thanks to ZIRH, men now have their own award-winning line of skin care and shaving products to achieve healthy, flawless skin on their own terms.

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ZIRH (rhymes with "sir") is a leading worldwide manufacturer of men's skin care and shaving products. Their focus is on quality and convenience. ZIRH International has been in operation since 1995.

What is the ZIRH difference? Multi-purpose products that are easy to use. The best ingredients -- natural oils, extracts and botanicals. Research, development and technology to address men's specific skincare needs. Scientifically tested, but never on animals.

While the skincare industry pays a lot of attention to women's products, men are often left without a clue as to what products they should use on their skin. Fortunately, ZIRH has designed a full range of men's skincare products to ensure that men have a routine that suits their skin's unique needs. Since 1995, ZIRH has been providing reliable shaving and skincare solutions designed specifically for men's skin. From shaving to finishing touches, ZIRH products allow you to customize a skin are routine to fit your lifestyle and skin type. Whether you are looking for the basics or hoping to take more time to pamper your skin, you can tailor a combination of products to fit your desires.

Featuring high-quality shaving and skincare essentials, ZIRH products were developed using the best ingredients to deliver results with minimal hassle. ZIRH's range of cleansers, shaving products and treatments can help to rejuvenate dry, damaged, or tired skin. These formulas can also help to protect your skin against environmental free radicals and other potentially damaging substances. Using uniquely formulated pre-shave products, shaving cream or gel, and after shave products can help to keep your skin smooth, soft, and free from irritation. ZIRH products are based on scientific research, using advanced skin care technology to deliver the best possible care. If you aren't sure where to begin when it comes to developing a daily skincare regimen, consider using one of ZIRH's custom-designed collections. These combinations of products help to take the guesswork out of building a well-rounded routine.

Julia Miller
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