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Cosmetics from StriVectin

StriVectin began as a stretch mark phenomenon that sold over 6 million tubes of StriVectin-SD globally. Today, StriVectin is a scientific, clinically-proven skin care line that offers comprehensive anti-aging solutions to women and men around the world. With their patented, proven NIA-114 molecule that powers up skin their products repair damage and promotes an ageless, healthy appearance. When it comes to anti-aging and skin tightening concerns StriVectin’s supercharged formula targets wrinkles, loss of firmness, age spots and skin damage. 

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Visible Results

The StriVectin supercharged approach to skin care focuses on that all important notion of getting immediate results. The brands formulas help to expedite visible improvements in the skin through the advanced technologies developed by the experts at the brand. Despite being so potent, the products are optimized and balanced for safety in order to keep risks of irritation to a minimum remaining gentle enough for all skin types.

How to Shop StriVectin

This brand believes that even the most revolutionary of skin care products should be easy to use and easy to shop. As a result, the brand offers formulas that are very straightforward, greatly simplifying shopping. Products are broken into lines, Tighten and Lift for firmer more youthful skin, Anti-Wrinkle to focus on fine lines and wrinkles and Advanced Retinol their mulit-tasking line that fights all major signs of aging. Each range is intended for specific dermatological concerns, and packaging is color-coded to make complementary formulas easy to spot. 

NIA-114 Patented Formula

The StriVectin formulas all begin with NIA-114, an optimized molecular form of the vitamin niacin that is easily absorbed by the skin. NIA-114 focuses on anti-aging to help improve texture and tone. In each StriVectin line, NIA-114 combines with additional ingredients to tackle imperfections, by directly assisting with the repair of the cells, promoting the shedding of damaged cells, stimulating the release of body chemicals that assist with cellular repair and by helping reduce melanin production to address age-related hyperpigmentation. 


Drooping skin, fine lines, uneven tone, and other dermatological reflections of the aging process are unavoidable signs of aging. StriVectin Products strive to reduce the prominence of all manner of cosmetic aging symptoms with their ground breaking collection of anti-aging products. The StriVectin Products are rigorously formulated to smooth, firm, tone and brighten your skin. This tackles sagging skin, creases, wrinkles, crow's-feet, discoloration, and all manner of other phenomena. To give your skin a healthful and nourishing boost with the StriVectin Products try the StriVectin-SD Potent wrinkle reducing treatment, one of their most powerful serums, NIA, plant stem cells and peptides acts to reverse wrinkles, diminish your pores and increases luminosity for radiant, healthy luminous skin. The elastin stimulating peptides improves skin elasticity for long-term anti-aging results. For instant results the StriVectin High potency wrinkle filler to target wrinkles, creases, crow’s feet and fine lines. This product immediately smoothes skin and soften lines but with continued use skin texture appears smoother and even the most pronounced facial wrinkles are visually diminished by this skin fortifying, revitalizing product.