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Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics serves as one of the original indie make-up artisty brands, having built and maintained a cult following for over 20 years. The LA-based brand, which was created by a celebrity make-up artist, continues to drive the beauty industry forward with pioneering beauty products from an all-day liquid lipstick to an ethereal color palette. Season after season, the brand’s dedicated artistry team resides backstage at fashion week to further develop and perfect an extensive range high-performing products.

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Stila originated from the Italian word stilare: meaning to pen or to draft. At the core of the brand, the ethos remains clear: the right make-up can turn even the simplest look into a statement as unique as your own signature.

The mission of Stila Cosmetics is to continually create innovative, artist-proven beauty products that perform from day to night.

Stila Cosmetics enables you to experience the quality of professional make-up artistry products, formulated with the highest quality ingredients, with ease. Embrace your individuality and have fun doing it.

Highlight your intrinsic glamour with Stila Cosmetics, formulated to suit every skin tone and occasion. Discover the full spectrum of color and emotion and customize the way you look with the brand’s adventurous and evocative attention to detail.

Innovative and Professional Products

Adding a splash of color to your face can help you express yourself, define your personality and shine among a crowd. Find your custom look with lipstick shades and make-up palettes to suit every mood.

Choose the One Step Correct to start. Swirl your way to perfectly primed skin in just one step. This three-in-one serum provides the perfect beginning to your make-up routine. Be sure to try the Convertible Color too, your  dream cream for cheeks and lips and the shortcut to a happy complexion.

The Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is always a favorite. Often imitated but never duplicated, this product gives you the ultimate power pout. It is complimented by the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - Stila’s award-winning liner that delivers the perfect line every time

Stila Cosmetics is assertive and fun, but most of all deeply passionate about inspiring every woman to celebrate her authenticity, starting with her make-up. Have fun, explore and get to know the brand.

Julia Miller
Hello! If you have any questions, write to me, I will be happy to answer the question.