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After inventing mineral makeup and creating a line of mineral-based cosmetics that took the world by storm, skin care expert Diane Ranger set her sights upon developing a professional-strength makeup collection based on minerals. Colorescience uses pure micronized minerals that are processed properly and are completely water-resistant which allows them to form a protective barrier on the skin, allowing skin to stay clean and clear. With their high-tech ingredients, you can experience makeup that does more.

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Looking for make-up that's not just a cover-up? Colorescience takes mineral make-up to a new level by combining minerals that give you a flawless finish with ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. The foundation of this line is pure micronized minerals combined with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other ingredients that are good for your skin. The minerals stay on the surface of your skin, protecting your skin against the environment as they reflect light for a flawless finish. It's make-up that's therapy for your skin while making your skin look flawless.

A smooth, even complexion starts with a primer. Colorescience Sunforgettable Face Primer SPF 30 preps your skin and evens out your skin tone. This creates a smooth, even surface for Colorescience mineral foundations. This mineral-based primer offers broad-spectrum protection against damaging, ultraviolet rays to protect your skin against sun damage while creating the perfect background for color.

When you want customized coverage, reach for Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation. With this high-performance, foundation you control the coverage. For light coverage, sweep it on with a brush. On those occasions where you want full coverage, apply it with a sponge. Either way you get flawless coverage that's good for your skin, thanks to the added botanical ingredients like ylang ylang and sandalwood that nourish and protect. It's a must-have for your travel bag and make-up case for customizable coverage to fit any occasion.

Makeup should offer great coverage but it should also do good things for your skin. Colorescience combines the best of both worlds with their line of mineral-based foundations. Regardless of your skin type, there's a Colorescience solution for you.

Shoppers commonly have to choose between skincare products and cosmetics, often wearing both at the same time to achieve their desired results. Colorescience Products seek to provide the best of both worlds, providing long-lasting makeup with beneficial elements of skincare. The formulas use high-tech ingredients that have been proven to be effective, including peptides, pearl powder, salicylic acid, and liquid crystals.

Colorescience Products apply the concepts of mineral makeup products to provide top-quality coverage and skincare. You can shop by the type of cosmetic product you are looking for or by products that target certain skincare issues. This attention to high-quality makeup coverage is combined with a concern for your skin's overall health to provide effective and easy-to-use care. Colorescience Products work to camouflage specific skin concerns while protecting your skin from the potentially damaging effects of the sun and the environment. With regular use, your skin will appear healthier and more radiant.

Shopping for makeup and skincare products can be challenging. Even if you find a product that provides good coverage, it sometimes can clog pores, dry out skin, or create an unwanted shine. Colorescience Products seek to provide superior coverage while providing protective skincare. This line offers excellent results without damaging your skin.

Colorescience Line Tamer Sunreliable Primer SPF 20 provides a protective first-step foundation in your makeup application process. Providing SPF 20 sun protection, this product will also help to camouflage any facial redness and works to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. The formula improves your skin's elasticity, working to hydrate your skin and encourage its natural cell renewal process. For best results, blend on your face, neck, and hands to use this product as a primer. You can also apply it over top of makeup to give your skin a smooth finish.

If you would like to achieve bronzed skin without the risk of sun damage, Colorescience Wild to Mild Skin Bronzing Primer SPF 20 can get you started on your way. This mineral-based primer works to relieve irritation, diminish wrinkles, and protect your skin from sun damage. While protecting your skin with zinc and titanium oxide, this formula also gives skin a healthy bronze glow.

The first step in maintaining healthy and youthful skin is applying an SPF product whenever you will be exposed to the sun. Colorescience Sunforgettable Face Primer SPF 30 provides a mineral solution to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. By nourishing your skin with essential oils and powerful antioxidants, this formula creates an even skin tone and brightens your appearance. This primer will protect your skin from the sun while reducing redness and improving your skin's texture.

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