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Cosmetics from Blowpro

With the blowPro hair care collection, you don't have to book a flight to New York City to get the best blowout imaginable. The shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hair sprays and styling products included in the range are the same formulas used at Blow and can help you get professional results with your own blow dryer. Because they are made specifically for blowouts, the blowPro hair care products produce results that are just not possible with ordinary hair care formulas. Whether you're a blowout pro or just a beginner with a blow dryer, the blowPro collection is for you!

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Free of sulfates and parabens that deplete hair and limit the life of your blow out. 100% Keratin compliant. Never tested on animals.

It's easy to see why so many women swear by professional blowouts. The service is quick. It's simple, and it produces beautiful results that last for days. With the right products, a blowout can give fine hair added volume, help control unmanageable locks and give damaged strands a silky, smoother feel. In 2005, a team who appreciates the benefits of the perfect blowout opened Blow, a blowout-only salon in Manhattan, and launched their own line of products designed specifically for blowout services.

Do you want the perfect blowout? Skip the salon and reach for blowPro. The award-winning products from blowPro are specially formulated to give you exceptional blow dry results. Is your hair coarse and prone to the frizzies? Do you have hair extensions? Do you color treat your hair? Even if your hair has resisted sleek styles in the past because of its texture or chemical treatments, blowPro can help you achieve the professional look you've been dreaming about.

Begin your hair care regimen with a blowPro shampoo and conditioner. These nourishing formulas are rich in proteins to strengthen and revive your hair. Importantly, all of blowPro's shampoos and conditioners are free of sulfates, which are detergents that many hair care products include. But they can also strip some people's hair of moisture and color, leaving their scalp dry and itchy.

The next step of your blowPro regimen is to prep and style. When you apply heat to your hair with a dryer or an iron, you risk frying your strands - which leads to split ends and breakage. BlowPro offers a range of smoothing products to lock in moisture and protect your hair.

To set your style, end with a blowPro finishing product. From pomade to mist, and serum to sprays, blowPro provides lasting, moveable hold.

And if you want to enjoy your blowout for a few more days, try the blowPro dry shampoo that beauty editors are raving about. Massage the translucent formula into your scalp to remove excess sebum and buildup. After brushing your hair, you'll have more volume and shine.

Look like you stepped out of the salon every day with blowPro Products. Maintaining that salon-quality style day after day can be challenging, but with this line of products, it is possible. blowPro Products include everything you need for a healthy, well-rounded hair care routine. Choose from shampoos, conditioners, primers, mists, and mousses to create your ideal look every day. Whether you want more volume, fewer flyaways, soft waves, or simply healthier, more nourished hair, you can find blowPro Products that help you achieve these realistic goals.

Not every woman is born with perfect hair, and time, color treatments, and heat styling can damage your hair. Restore your hair to its past beauty with blowPro Products. You do not have to be an experienced stylist to achieve results with this line of products. These products are easy to use, allowing you to create a noticeable change with every styling. Mix and match products to achieve the look you want. You can find products for your daily hair care routine as well as deep conditioning treatments to nourish and revitalize your hair. Give them a try, and enjoy the results.

Hair that is soft and healthy is more than just beautiful, it is easier to style as well, helping you create a gorgeous look every day. With blowPro Products, you can give your hair the healthy boost it needs to look its best. Choose from many products in this line, and you can discover the products you need for that just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look every day.

Extend the life of your styled hair with blowPro Faux Dry Shampoo. Eliminate oil and buildup in your hair without water, thanks to this easy-to-use dry formula. Excess oil will disappear, and your hair will appear fuller. Color-treated hair can benefit from this formula, which can help to keep your color from fading. Use this shampoo anytime you want to retain your style but give your hair a fresh boost.

Fine, limp, or flyaway hair can benefit from blowPro Blow Up Daily Volumizing Shampoo. This shampoo removes dirt, oil, and buildup without harsh ingredients. A pure protein blend featuring lupine stimulates nutrient intake and enhances your hair's density. Volume and body are added by a cross-polymer complex. Enjoy voluminous hair without the buildup with this gentle shampoo, perfect for fine or limp hair.

Some days, your hair needs some extra pampering. blowPro Tress Relief Leave-In Conditioning Treatment detangles, moisturizes, and strengthens hair. This lightweight conditioner will not weigh your hair down, but it will deliver serious results, leaving your hair healthier and shinier. This leave-in conditioner works well on color-treated or processed hair, and it is best suited for medium to thick hair.