Living with Dry Hair: Solutions For Most Common Issues

Dryness of hair can be a true nightmare. It requires more than just regular cleaning and cutting. Want to build a healthy routine for dry hair? Check our guide!

Main reasons why you need to adopt a dry hair routine


You don’t have to be a pro to understand the simple fact: if you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful, choose the cosmetics suitable for your hair type. Not ready to make a short haircut but keep struggling with unruly and porous locks? Select the proper treatment!

How do you know that your hair is dry?

Normally, it’s better to consult a trichologist. However, there are several dead giveaways pointing at the nature of your curls:

  • they are extremely difficult to comb
  • split ends
  • you get static hair way too often
  • loss of shine

Of course, when there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. From ultra-hydrating shampoos to rich conditioners, it’s time to revive your dull hair and bring a smile to your face when combing it! Check our recommendations and tips.


Correct washing is the key to treatment of dry hair


Washing is the basic technique that most people do wrong. First of all, forget about hot temperatures when taking a bath or shower – keep the water slightly cool. The second is moderation with the product. No matter how long your curls are, there’s no need to use half of the bottle at once. Third, before applying shampoo, make a foamy cloud. Take a bit of your favorite product (the nut-sized ball will be enough) and mix it with water.


The choice of the product can be crucial for the health of your locks. Owners of dry hair can feel the difference after 1-2 weeks of using moisturizing shampoos containing vitamins, oils or seaweeds. Hair becomes more lively and silky.



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Switch to organic products during winter

Most people hate winter. This season brings nothing good but grayness, cold temperatures and nasty weather. It also makes our hair straw-like and static. Hot water, hairdryer, lack of sun and fresh vitamins from fruits and vegetables – all this have an influence on the way our curls look.

Although we cannot change the weather, there’s something we can do to help your hair to survive this period. Consider replacing your normal hair cosmetics with an organic one. Sulfate-free products without parabens and silicone will provide gentle cleansing and help to retain the moisture. Shampoos with glycerin – the universal hydrating component – are also salvation for this season.


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Make the dry hair shine

Smooth and silky curls that we see in advertising is mostly the result of good editing skills but such an effect can also be achieved by correct care and daily routine. Your main help here comes in the forms of conditioners enriched with essential oils (lavender or avocado will provide nourishment) and aloe vera. One more useful component is keratin.

The product is mostly used after shampooing but plenty of people do not know how to do it correctly. We recommend gently wiping your hair with a towel before using conditioner. If you put it on wet locks, all your efforts will be in vain as it may “slide down”. When applying the product, avoid the scalp area. Spread it evenly along the length, add some amount to the ends. Use fingers as a comb to ensure even penetration of the product. Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse well. Keep in mind the suitable water temperature.


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Say goodbye to dandruff

Unpleasant white flakes in your hair are the signal that something is wrong. There may be dozens of reasons why you have this condition – from daily use of hairdryer to fungus. However, the solution is always the same. A correct hair routine, proper rinsing, and a deep cleansing shampoo can assist with bringing your hair back to normal.

Choose the cosmetics with a creamy texture and enriched with calming components (lavender oil, propolis, neroli oil, glycerin). Use them in turns with your common haircare – for example, once a week.