Face Serum: The Essentials of Your Daily Regimen

Skincare has become an essential part of our lives. Modern skincare is unimaginable without face serum. Learn how to “treat” your skin correctly.

What is a face serum?

Finding perfect products for maintaining beauty and youth may be a tough task. With all advertisements and dozens of theories on what and where to apply, it’s so easy to get lost. How many tubes and jars with lotions, creams, and oils do you actually have? What if we say that most of them can be replaced with face serum?

Sound fantastic, right? Yes, unlike plenty of other skincare products, a serum is the thing you need to have if you want to have a fresher and healthier look. Normally, it should become a part of your daily regimen when you turn 30. However, it’s perfectly safe to start using serums in your 20s (but only if you already notice changes).

What is exactly a face serum and how it differs from other beautifying cosmetics?

The serum is a light, water- or oil-based liquid that are full of active ingredients. Even cosmetologists value this product more than moisturizers and face creams.

You were probably thinking about getting this useful product but have so many questions about its efficiency and correct usage. No worries, we are about to give you all the details.

How to effectively add serum into your beauty routine?


When deciding to make serum a part of your regimen, keep in mind some important rules:

  • Moderation is the key. Like any new costemics, serum shouldn’t be applied in large quantities. Read the instruction inside the package and strictly follow it.
  • Make serum a harmless part of your beauty regimen. The active ingredients in serum may cause negative reactions with other products you use. Be sure to be moderate about the quality of the product you apply to your face. On COSMOSTORE, you’ll find only effective, certified, and risk-free goods.

  • Follow the right order. The serum is a part of skincare, which comes after toner and before moisturizer. Don’t use toner? Just make sure the skin is cleansed.

Correct use of face serums

Although having active components to revitalize your skin, a serum is not a magic wand that you can use whenever you want. Most products can be applied twice a day – in the morning and the evening.

Depending on the type of product, there may be serums that you may use only once a week. Don’t forget to read the instruction before using the product.

Types of serums


Unlike makeup remover or peeling, serums are purchased for diverse purposes. Are you willing to find the best product for yourself? Define your beauty target first!

Here are the most popular serums you can find.

Moisturizing products

Another name – hydrating serums. As you can guess, their purpose is to add a healthier glow and radiance to your skin. These kinds of products are usually rich in hyaluronic acid – an ingredient that can hold 1,000 of its weight in water.

For better efficacy, apply this kind of serum a humid place, for example, in your bathroom after having a shower. This is how you’ll be able to reach the ultimate result.

Annemarie Borlind Serum will provide a stunning moisturizing and anti-polluting effect. According to almost 1,000 reviews, it has a solid 4.7 rating and proven efficiency.

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Firming products

Sagging skin is what we never want to see in the mirror. To supply your cells with collagen, elastin, and ceramide, choose a quality serum and gently apply it twice a day.

Babor HSR Serum is rich in organic silicon and phytaluronate to reinforce the structure of tissues and to seal moisture in cells.

Rejuvenating products

At all times, women were looking for an elixir of youth. Cosmetics won’t perform magic tricks but can help to slow down youth fading. Skin nourishment with serums has way more advantages than using cream. If you feel like “feeding” your cells with active components without creating ugly gloss and unpleasant heaviness, serum should be your top choice.

Nourishment is what our skin needs as we get older. Try 3W Clinic Red Ginseng Serum for getting rid of pigmentation, and smoothing unwanted lines.

Origins Plantscription Serum is a unique product. It’s suitable for all ages and skin types. It has all the necessary components to target both visible and invisible signs of aging.

If you’re new to this, do a research to find a proper and quality cosmetics. Begin with defining your skin type. Serums can bring plenty of visible changes and help you to maintain pretty looks longer. However, they should be always used with moderation.


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